Leo Wotitzky Scholarship

The Charlotte Community Foundation is accepting applications for the Leo Wotitzky Scholarship Fund. The purpose of the program is to fund scholarships for deserving high school graduates of Charlotte County Schools.

Application deadline date is: April 3, 2015. Scholarships will be awarded to applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • Graduate of a public high school in Charlotte County, Florida
  • Accepted to (or already attending and in good standing at) an accredited post-secondary education institution.
  • Exhibits leadership skills
  • Exhibits service to the community

About Leo Wotitzky

Leo WotitzkyLeo Wotitzky was born in Punta Gorda in 1912 and resided here until his death in 2005. He was a school teacher, newspaper editor, state legislator, and attorney at law. Because of his intellect, personality and sense of humor, he was a leader in every activity he ever undertook.

  • As a teacher he was able to inspire the best from the gifted and the not so gifted, not just in the subject material, but in life.
  • As a newspaper editor, he consistently advocated and promoted the community concerns.
  • As a legislator he was a leader in addressing the needs of public education, elevating the standards and providing the funding so that every child in Florida would have a quality educational opportunity.
  • As an attorney, he represented both the rich and the poor and provided free legal services to many private nonprofit organizations.

Leo's education was almost interrupted by the economic depression of the 1930's. If it had not been for a teaching scholarship, he would have been forced to drop out of college. In both his personal and professional life, he always identified with people who might have been economically disadvantaged, but had the intellect, the inner strength and motivation to reach their life goals.

Friends and former students have contributed to create the Leo Wotitzky Scholarship Fund to perpetuate the memory of one of Florida's finest citizens. It is a tribute for all that he did for them and the community.

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